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Kimberly Clark Employees having a Discussion

Welcome Original Thinkers

At Kimberly-Clark, original thinking is about groundbreaking innovation. It’s also creative problem solving. Agile responses to change. And advancing new ideas while advancing your career.

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You don’t become a leading force by sticking to the status quo. You embrace original thinking. Research, collaborate, learn, solve problems and take action. That’s how breakthroughs happen.

Featured Kimberly Clark Employee Alejandro Aguirre
Featured Kimberly Clark Employee BongGyoon Shin
Featured Kimberly Clark Employee Dorothee Grou
Featured Kimberly Clark Employee Gacia Coronado
Featured Kimberly Clark Employee Kelly Arehart
Featured Kimberly Clark Employee Natalia Tobon Fernandez
Featured Kimberly Clark Employee Sam Rubenzer
Featured Kimberly Clark Employee Teresa Miquelana

I’m a person who is attracted to bright ideas and believes that anything is possible.


Sales, Argentina


Analyzing is what I do when I start a project. I’m always eager to understand.


Supply Chain, Korea


I am always looking for a better way and thinking outside of the box to find solutions.


Marketing, France


A big part of my job is to generate lots of ideas and be selective on which ones to pursue.


R&E, United States


Being an original thinker is critical to being comfortable with the ambiguity that goes along with not knowing what the solutions are when you start a project.


R&E, United States


Original thinking is one of the key drivers for success, because it brings innovation, diversity of cultures and ideas.


Marketing, Colombia


Kimberly Clark wants makers, because product and process improvements are one way to stay ahead of your competitors.


Finance, United States


I’m an inventor and it is aligned to my behaviors and personality. I enjoy working on strategy development and execution.


IT, United States

Kimberly Clark Guide to Original Thinking
Original Thinker Type Cards
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